Vehicle Stolen at Gun Point in Edinboro

Here’s the latest on the suspect who reportedly stole a Chevy Silverado at gunpoint over in Edinboro Wednesday.

Troopers surrounded a home on route 6 in Columbus, PA last night, but now it appears the suspect, Cory Potthoff, was not inside the house.

According to the twitter account of Troppers Cindy Schick and Michele Mcgee, Potthoff may be operating a stolen light blue 2012 jeep liberty.

If you spot the vehcile, you’re asked to call 911, and not to approach.

The suspect reportedly stole a vehicle at gunpoint in the Edinboro-Mill Village area around 11 a.m. Wednesday. The search later moved to the Wintergreen Gorge area in Harborcreek Township, and then to Columbus.

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