Anticipated Paving Locations for Week of 7/27

East 29th(Perry To Wayne)

Buffalo (East Ave To East 18th)

Mckinley (East Ave To East 24th)

Zimmerman (4040 Zimmerman To East 38th)

Mcclelland (East 38thTo East 30th)

Downing (Fairmont To Glendale)

Thompson (East 18thTo East 20th)

Payne (East 9thTo East 10th)

West 36th(1791 West 36thTo Allegheny)

Oakwood (West 36thTo West 38th)

Cascade (West 31stTo West 32nd)

Maple (Peach To West 36th)

West 23rd(Berst To Haybarger)

Cherry (Peach To West 38th)

West 30th(Glenwood Park To State)

East 32nd(Holland To French)

East 33rd(Pine To Wallace)

Florida (Ash To East 28th)

East 11th(East Ave To Pennsylvania)

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