Erie School Board Approves Reopening Plan

There will be teachers and students in classrooms together in the Erie School District this year.

This decisions comes after backlash from the board following the superintendent’s original plan.

This plan allows for both in-person and remote learning. The goal is to ensure that school district families have options and will remain safe.

The board of directors voted eight to one in favor of a modified version of Superintendent Brian Polito’s school plan, but it wasn’t as easy as the vote suggests.

The version allows students to decide between remote learning only, going to school for two days a week with remote learning for three, or cyber academy.

“We feel strongly that in-person instruction is the best for our students. We also know families have varying levels of comfort with returning their students,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent of Erie’s Public Schools.

In-person learning means students will break into two groups. Group A will have on campus classes on Monday and Tuesday, while Group B will have on campus classes Thursday and Friday.

Both of these groups will have their remote learning on Wednesday.

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