Mom Spooked To Find Painting Of Her Son At Remote B&B

Photo: Getty Images

Staying at a hotel or motel, you might encounter something eerie, like evidence of a ghost, or something upsetting, like a hidden camera, but what happened to one family staying at a remote, rural bed and breakfast is something they never expected. Soon after arriving at the secluded property, the mom noticed that a painting there looked strikingly similar to her son.

That mom, Jennie Stevenson, posted a photo of the art on Twitter and spoke to The Mirror about it. Her family wound up in the spooky accommodations after needing a pit stop during a long drive home from a ski trip in the country. They pulled in soon after sunset and went into the B&B's communal dining room. That's when Jennie's daughter said to her, "Mom, there's a picture of Barney on the wall." Jennie looked at the art, and although it showed a young girl, the child looked just like her seven-year-old son, only with long hair.

The piece is called Flowers in the Meadow by Swedish painter Carl Larsson, and thankfully Barney found it pretty funny and the family wasn't too scared by it. However, Jennie commented on Twitter how during her stay she "woke up at some point to a terrifying papery noise (think of riffling of pages or a deck of cards)." But she went on to note, "We all survived."

Commenters were still spooked with one writing that the noise could be "the child trying to escape the painting."

Keep up to date with Jennie by checking out her Twitter.

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