PHOTOS: Somebody Dumped 500 Pounds Of Cooked Pasta Near New Jersey Stream

Handful of Macaroni Background

Photo: Getty Images

Residents in Old Bridge, New Jersey, were shocked after finding over 500 pounds of cooked pasta dumped near a streamNJ Advanced Media reported.

Nina Jochnowitz, a local community leader, said that a resident reached out to her and complained that the officials did nothing after being told about the massive piles of pasta dumped along a 25-stretch foot of the stream.

The resident took to Jochnowitz to the area, and she took multiple photographs. She shared them on her Facebook page, along with several local groups.

"It looked like someone filed up a wheelbarrow of pasta and dumped it," Jochnowitz told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Two days after she posted the photos, local officials removed the pasta from the wooded area.

"THEY GOT THE MESSAGE!!! The township came and cleaned up the entire river basin," she wrote on the Facebook post with the photographs.

Jochnowitz said that she has no idea who dumped the pasta on the site, which is owned by the city of Old Bridge, or how long it had been there before it was removed.

She did not file a police report, and it is unknown if there is an active investigation into the dumping.

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