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Journalist Told Skirt Was Too Short to Report on Execution

A journalist for Alabama-based news outlet is claiming she was turned away from an execution she was covering, because her skirt was too short.

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Ivana Hrynkiw told the story in a tweet, writing that she had worn the skirt to prior executions and professional events without any issues.

“At 5’7″, and 5’10" with my heels on, I am a tall and long-legged person," she wrote. "I tried to pull my skirt to my hips to make the skirt longer, but was told it was still not appropriate. Luckily, a very kind photographer from a Birmingham TV station offered me his rain gear – waterproof, Columbia PFG style fisherman's wader pants. The ADOC deemed this an appropriate swap for my skirt."

Once Hrynkiw put the pants on, a prison official told her that her open toe heels were "also too revealing," so she had to go to her car to get a pair of tennis shoes...

A dress code posted online for prison visitors says that "all dresses, skirts, and pants shall extend below the knee (females only)."

Read the full story on The Guardian.

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