Crop Circles Appear in Poland and Hungary

While crop circles most frequently appear in England, each year brings a handful of formations that are found in other countries and, over the last week, such designs have been discovered in both Poland and Hungary. The first of the two cases was reported in late June in the village of Orchow and was originally documented by a Polish UFO research organization which marveled that "the pictogram is impressive in terms of its size, it is one hundred and several dozen meters in diameter." Despite the paranormal nature of the website covering the crop formation, an observer who visited the site dismissed an extraterrestrial origin for the event.

"On closer inspection," they explained, the formation clearly appeared to be the work of a "man with a board." The reporter went on to theorize that the design, which can be seen above and consists of a small circle with a large ring around it, "seems unfinished. As if the pattern was to be more complicated, but someone had to stop work or planned to do it in stages." Crop formations in Poland are not an entirely rare phenomenon as a cursory search of the excellent website Crop Circle Connector, which catalogs the cases each season, finds that one or two designs are reported in the country each year.

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