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The HUGE price spikes between Trump’s America and Biden’s

Inflation is surging, and more and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, 61 PERCENT of Americans now are relying on paychecks to live. This is why President Biden’s approval rating is so low, Glenn says. Because he refuses to accept and acknowledge what Americans currently are going through. And they’ve gone through a LOT in just the past two years alone. In this clip, Glenn takes a look at prices, numbers, and statistics — like grocery prices, gas, and illegal migrant crossings — from June 2020 under Trump to June 2021 and 2022 under Biden. And this HUGE spikes show we’re practically living in a completely different America.

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GLENN: Inflation is surging. More and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 157 million adults. That is 61 percent of Americans, as of June, this number is up from 58 percent in May. A year ago, it was 55. But 61 percent of Americans now are living paycheck to paycheck. You disrupt anything, and they go under. That's the reality, that Biden. His -- his approval rating is so low. Not just because everything he's doing is leading to more misery. His approval rating is so low, because he refuses to recognize the truth. Every time, he says, we're not in a recession or inflation is just transitory. People stop listening to everything else he says. Because their experience. Their day to day experience is telling them differently. Now, as we are looking at inflation. And I mean incredible inflation. Let me just take you from June 2020.

To last year, at this time. To June 2022. Listen to this. Average gas price, when Trump was in office, $2.17, June 2020. Huh. June 2021, 3.15. That's after Biden comes to office. It's now the average of 4.82. So you're looking at more than a 2-dollar increase. Inflation rate, when Bush -- or, I'm sorry. When Trump was in office in June 2020, the inflation rate was .6 percent. The first year, June 2021, under Biden, it was 5.4. He said it was transitory. It is now 9.2.

It is transitory. That number is changing. It's just going in the wrong direction. Covid cases, seven-day average. Under Trump in June 2020. It was 22,433. In June 2021, last year, he brought it down to 11,756. Now that we're all vaccinated, in June 2022, the covid case's seven-day average is 106,757. The death rate has just gone down. Illegal border encounters. Under Trump at June 2020, it was 363,619 coming across our border illegally. In June 2021, just a few months in. That number under Biden went from 363 to 871,453. That number, this last June is now 1,478,977. You are 1.1 million more illegals coming in, June to June. Total consumer debt. Total consumer debt, in 2020, June 2020, it was negative .3 percent. After Biden gets into office, total consumer debt, because remember, you had so much money. You didn't know to do with it. Total consumer debt, was 4.2 percent. Today, total consumer debt, is 14 percent. This is a real problem. We're going in the wrong direction. This is why, the government is buying ammunition. They're trying to take away your guns. They're going and trying to get from the holster manufacturers, for some reason. Who has a holster in who doesn't have a holster? And why it is so important today, that you call to have Kyrsten Sinema's number. Her number in Washington, DC, or in Arizona. And beg her. She has been good and strong so far. But all of the pressures of hell are going to be coming down on her. They will make a deal, that only the devil could make. To get this bill. This climate tax bill, passed. Manchin has already folded. Sinema is the only one. And the Democrats are freaking out. Because she hasn't said anything about it. But I can guarantee you, they are trying to make a deal. And cut it. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden, the government said, you know, after some studies. We think the Phoenix, Tucson area should just be domed and fully air-conditioned. We're going to call it the Sinema dome. Uh-huh.

They will cut any deal. Because they need every single of the 50 members of the Senate Democratic caucus to pass it. They've got to have every single one on board. One of them peels away, and that one will be Kyrsten Sinema. One of them peels away, and you don't get the climate deal.

Pray for her. And call her office, and ask her kindly. Please, don't pass on this tax. Because that's what it is. This tax will be so crippling to America. And I -- I really need you to understand, exactly what is -- is happening here. When we look at inflation. When we look at inflation, what are they doing to us?

Well, they're driving down supply, while driving prices up. Okay? So let's just say -- let's use gasoline. Or ammunition. What's whapping with the supply of gasoline and ammunition? Well, it's getting fewer and fewer. Not because more and more people are buying it. Which is true. But more and more people are buying it, at extraordinary prices. You're buying gasoline, but you're buying it, begrudgingly, and you're probably cutting back on the miles. Meanwhile, what has the government done. They've taken the strategic oil supply. And they have sold it into the market, to China. Overseas! And here.

And it has made some impact. But that is short-term. Because there is no progress -- it's not like we're waiting for something to be fixed, and to be opened up. And supply us with more. This is a dwindling supply. And what are they doing? They're not only selling our strategic oil. Then he's promising to replace that strategic oil, by paying twice as much as Donald Trump did to fill that thing. Which will take the oil supply away from the general population. It will have the government then taking your tax dollars, or printing more money from the fed. And buying that, which will drive up inflation. And drive up the price. This is really important, to understand. Inflation, and now the Manchin bill, still in the Senate. Please call Kyrsten Sinema's office, put people over parties here. But the government is spending more on gas, concrete, steel pretty much everything they can. Driving those prices up. BlackRock, buying up houses. ESG, hedge funds, buying up trailer parks all across the country, and then passing a 100 percent rent increase on to these people. So their -- they're buying up houses, and paying over asking price to buy up entire neighborhoods. They're buying these neighborhoods up, and then what are they doing? They're not selling them for a profit. They're holding on to them, and collecting rent. This pounds you on the free market side. You can't afford things on the free market side, because the public/private partnerships with these ESG funds and these corporations, plus all of the money, that the government is spending. They're driving up the price. Then on top of it, they're taxing you, which takes more of your money. And then they have the hidden tax, without representation of inflation. So in the end, the public/private partnerships with the government own everything. And you're left with nothing, but the hand that you have, that you now have to reach out and ask the government, please. Can you help my family? I need a handout.

You followed the rules your whole life. These people are breaking the rules every day, and they're getting away with it. And you're getting the shaft in the end. It is not too late, as long as you educate yourself on what's happening. And you speak out. The tide is coming in.

We little our boats couldn't float. The freedom boat couldn't float anymore. Because the tide is out. The tide is coming back in. But right now, is when we need everybody in boat. Because here's what happens. It's said over and over again. You know, hey, the government is not your dad. They're not our parent. Uncle Sam is not really your uncle. Well, that's more true than ever before. They treat us like children, and try to make all our decisions. Yes. But what you're -- what you're missing here. Is that it's not just that they're taking your right to make your own decisions. They're taking everything you have. So your only option is to come to them, or their public/private partnership. So you can rent or just live and eat, and I want to remind you, what every dad has always said. Every mother has always said. And you probably have said now to your children. Because it's true. I want you to remember as they treat us like children. And put us in the situation, where we have to have their care. I want you to remember, what was said to you, and you have said to your children. As long as you live under my roof. You will live and obey my rules.

That's why when the World Economic Forum and all the Build Back Better people tell you, it's going to be great. And you're not going to own anything. But you'll be happy. No, I will not. Because as long as I don't own it, then I live under somebody else's roof. My entire life will be under someone else's roof. And I have no intention of obeying those rules.

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