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Why Nancy Pelosi should AND shouldn’t have visited Taiwan

U.S. politicians should NOT schedule their foreign travel based on the wishes of the Chinese Communist Party. But, with President Biden proving himself to be INCREDIBLY incompetent — even when it comes to small challenges — there’s also no reason to risk relations with China now. So, should Nancy Pelosi have skipped her trip to Taiwan to play it safe? Or was it right for her to go and show support for the Asian nation? In this clip, Glenn and Stu give their thoughts on the matter. PLUS, they discuss the INSANE monkeypox vs COVID hypocrisy from the left…

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GLENN: All right. I want to knock a couple of things, you know, right off the top. Just knock them off. So we don't have to worry about them anymore. There are 26 Republicans, saying, including Mitch McConnell. Oh, he's tough. We support the Speaker of the House of representatives. Nancy Pelosi and her trip to Taiwan. Okay. All right. But there's some people in here, that I -- you know, respect. Just trying to see any of -- Marsha Blackburn. Mike Crapo. Chuck Grassley. Okay. So these guys -- these guys are on this list. Twenty-four of them. Or 26 of them. Saying, you know, Nancy Pelosi has a right to go. I agree with them. You have a right to go. But Nancy Pelosi also should engage her brain. And so should the administration. First of all, let's just talk about engaging your brain. Stu, I say, hey, I want to make a point about China. And I want to point a finger, and poke them in the chest in China. Do you think now, where you've just had a humiliating exit, in Afghanistan. No fault of, you know, our enemies. Just a fault of our own president and Pentagon. That still go, that was great. That was the most beautiful exit ever done.

A -- a Pentagon that is teaching everybody, I don't know. You go wear a dress, if you want, on the battlefield. I love it. I love it. You go, girl. And then you have the administration that just doesn't RN its ass from its elbow.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Do you think now would be the time that you would be like, I want to poke China in the eye?

STU: Well, there are probably parts of that analysis that Nancy Pelosi would not agree with. But I think the Republicans you're talking about, would probably agree with all of that.

GLENN: She's an idiot.

STU: But, you know, I do have, I would say, a tremendous amount of sympathy for the position that China does not get to dictate the travel plans of our officials. Like, that's not how this works.

GLENN: I agree. I agree. This has and so I do understand that point of view. I tend to go with you on this, in that, there is just -- this administration is so incompetent. I don't want to take any risks in these situations, to inflame anything. Because they obviously can't seem to handle the most basic and simple situations. Let ones like this. But once China says, you can't go Nancy Pelosi, it almost makes it much more likely, that she has to. Because we can't see here and bend to every one of their demands.

GLENN: As I said yesterday, she has to go now. But the problem is, she didn't coordinate it. She's not the leader of foreign policy, the president is. So at least coordinate with the White House. So the White House doesn't come out and go, are we going to have noodles today? Oh, Chuck, she's going where? That doesn't seem like a very good idea. Call the Pentagon. And the Pentagon, hey, we have a lot of generals. Got together. We think this is the worst idea we've ever heard.

And she goes. She should have called them in advance, or they should have shut their mouth. But right now, we look like the Speaker of the House, and the president don't agree on Taiwan. Really bad. Really bad.

STU: Yeah. Really bad. And I think the speculation is that people who wanted this to go one way or another, leaked this information to blow up whatever was going on behind the scenes. Where maybe Nancy Pelosi wanted to go. Joe Biden didn't. So Pelosi leaks it to the press. So China responds to it. Then she's like, well, now, I have to go. There's a lot of games going on here. Dangerous games. And that's I think my problem. The problem is not that I go to Taiwan. I support Taiwan. And I don't care what China says to us. I don't think we should be reacting to what China says to us. However, this is a low probability, high impact event here. Where it doesn't -- my guess is, China is not going to start a world war over something that happens in Taiwan right now. But they might. And you have a president -- a president. A leader of China, who is looking to extend his reign, you know, in scope and time. Here in the next couple of years. Needs to show strength. Needs to show that he can stand up to the West. In his own domestic policy sort of situation. And he's doing that, at our expense. And who knows where this goes? Who knows how it spins out of control. They see the weakness of this country and president just like we do. And it puts us in a situation, where something could easily spin out of control, and put us into a situation that we obviously can't handle. We can't even handle what's going on with Russia, let alone Russia and China at the same time. So the risk here, is just not worth the reward of a symbolic gesture.

GLENN: It's -- you know, it's the same thing I feel with covid, and the monkey pox. That's a one-two punch that could put us out. You know what I mean?

STU: No.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh, people are tying from covid. We have no wear our mask. And now monkey pox. And monkey pox is so deadly, you almost never die from it.

STU: No one in the United States has died from it.

GLENN: They could. Have they turned into monkeys? You don't know. You don't know. So California has just declared this a state of emergency. They're all concerned with monkey pox. And yet, I haven't seen the ban on bathhouses. You know, hey. You know, just a friendly reminder. Maybe you shouldn't have the gay orgies right now. Because gay men are the most likely, at this time, to contract it, through gay sex, bathhouses. You know, all adds up. You know, they were so eager to shut down our church. Somebody might sneeze! You got to shut it down. Monkey pox is coming -- well, I shouldn't say that. It is mainly spread at this point, through that activity. And the city of San Francisco, just had like some big, I don't know. Some big fetish thing. I know. It's Wednesday. So, you know, what big fetish thing? Oh, the Wednesday night fetish thing. I got it. They had some big thing. And where was the state? We've got to protect people. Well, I mean, except for -- except for that. What, are you trying? Are you intentionally, Gavin Newsom, trying to kill gay people? Is that what's going on here? Your reckless, reckless, go have a party. I'm not going to shut them down. You're just going to try to kill gay people. And they don't even have ton old gay people. Just gay.

STU: You're making this point here, on hypocrisy, which is incredibly valid. But, like, the monkey pox situation here is sort of the way we should be handling these things. Right? Give people information, and let them assess their own risk. They want to go to kink fest in San Francisco, after learning this information. Okay. That's kind of on you, though. That's kind of your -- you're taking the risk there. And that's the way this would go. That's not the way, of course, we handled covid. Where we asked people who basically. Now, again, this is an overstatement. But basically had no risk of having -- of dying from covid. Younger people. You know, people with strong immunity. The healthy people that were younger. Basically had no risk. It wasn't exactly none. But it was close to none. And we told those people, they needed to do literally nothing for two years. You need to sit inside your house, do absolutely nothing. Don't go talk to anyone. Don't go to work. Don't go to the gym. Don't do anything. For a year or two years, depending on where you lived. And yet, we can't even say to people, who are in a community, where it seems like it's the highest risk at this point. Not exclusively. But seems to be the highest risk. Hey, we're not saying you can't be gay. We're not saying you can't go outside and go to work. We're just saying, like, let's abort the most -- the most risky behavior for, like, a month. And they won't even say that.

GLENN: Right. They won't even say -- I'm not even saying you should close these places down.

STU: No.

GLENN: I'm just saying, say you shouldn't do it right now. You might want to consider death. Well, no. It's monkey pox. Well, covid and monkey pox. Definitely, death. You should consider that you don't go.

STU: Yeah. And, Glenn --

GLENN: But you're not hearing this. This is a statewide emergency. Well, at this point, I mean, it turn into that, but at this point it's pretty much, you know -- not entirely, but pretty much exclusive to sexual contact. And it's -- and it's generally in the gay community.

STU: Yeah. Generally. Like, it's not an STD. Like, for example, HIV or chlamydia, right? That's not the exclusive way it passes. It passes with close contact though. And so sex certainly qualifies as that. And the -- the closer the contact, the more likely this is. And it's spread most widely in this community, so it would be the riskiest behavior. It's just not the only way you could get it. And have you noticed this, too, when it comes to the coverage of this? I don't know if I've ever realized this before. Maybe you have. Normally, you would be talking about this, as. How often do we say LGBTQIA plus. All of these terms. Like the G is for gay. Right? In the LGBTQ. They talk about it constantly. You're constantly talking about people's sexual orientation, based on the G. Gay. In this community. Now when we're talking about monkey pox, they have this new term, that they all seem to be adopting at the same time. Which is men who have sex with other men. And like, I -- didn't we summarize that with a three-letter word. Like, I thought that's what we did. Just from an efficiency standpoint. I thought that was what we --

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: And now it's men who have sex with other men. No, I'm serious. Is that a term? Like is that some sort of woke term? Like why men --

GLENN: You know what, I'm not even sure. But it's probably like people who have babies. Or what do they call them? Baby machines. Or what --

STU: Yes. Baby machines. You're right.

GLENN: Baby machines.

That over there, they identify as a baby machine.

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