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Nancy Pelosi & her son’s HUSHED deals in Taiwan EXPOSED

So why DID Speaker Pelosi visit Taiwan, despite not only China’s threats, but Democrat leadership — and even President Biden himself — making it clear they did not approve of her trip as well? Maybe Nancy felt really passionately about declaring her support for the Asian nation, BUT there’s likely more to the story. In fact, perhaps Nancy Pelosi's AND her son’s connections to Taiwanese companies have something to do with it all. In this clip, Glenn exposes those business deals and shows how it directly relates to their trip…

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GLENN: Okay. We have so many problems going on. But let me give you one: Nancy Pelosi was asked yesterday, hey. We noticed in a picture, your son seemed to be on-air two, or whatever you call it, when the Speaker of the House is taking it. Flying to Taiwan. Your son doesn't really have a job.

Was your son on the plane, Nancy? Because he wasn't on the man fest with -- that you released. Was he on the plane? Here's what she said.

VOICE: There are some reports that your son was on the --

VOICE: Yes, he was. Yes, he was. His role was to be my escort. Usually, we -- we invited spouses. Not all could come. But I had him come, and I was very proud that he was there. And I was thrilled. It was nice for me. And of course he didn't do any business there.

GLENN: Oh, that's good. It was nice for her. Of course he didn't do any business there. Yes, he did. Yes, he did.

STU: No. He didn't. She just said. She just said.

GLENN: All right. All right.

STU: Of course not.

GLENN: Okay. You know, I just think we should look at Nancy Pelosi. And I just want to say, she's amazing. When she was elected in the late 1700s, her net worth was $3 million. When she came to Congress, her net worth was $3 million. Now, I don't know what happened. But they got very good at investing. By 2008, their wealth went from $3 million to $31 million. Now, that's not bad as a public servant, you know. By the end of -- now, that's 2008. By the end of Obama's term, 2012 -- no. Sixteen. Her wealth, eight years of Democrats ruling the government, her wealth went from $31 million to $61 million.

Now, I don't know about you. But, boy, that economy seems to be roaring for them, huh?

They are really good. Now, that was in 2016. $61 million. Two years later -- two years later, her wealth went from 61 million to $114 million. What investors they are!

I'll tell you more about it, in a second.


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GLENN: All right. So wait a minute. So Nancy Pelosi comes into office, she has $3 million.

Then by the time Obama gets into office, that's ballooned to $31 million. By the day he leaves office, that's ballooned to $61 million. Are you getting the trend here? I mean, just in eight years of --

STU: She's good at this, is what you're saying.

GLENN: She's very good at this.

STU: She knows the markets.

GLENN: Right. And then two years later, her 61 turns into 114 million.

STU: It's incredible. She's great. She's a great businessperson.

GLENN: She should leave office. Can you imagine. I mean, I don't invest in a hedge fund that was doubling their money every two years?

STU: Here's the problem, she's just too interested in public service.

GLENN: Oh, gee. She's got such a heart.

STU: She's obviously got so good at investing, that if she would just leave her post, as Speaker of the House, she could make trillions of dollars.

GLENN: Yeah. Wow.

STU: But she's -- she's sacrificing and staying in there, despite the fact that she was able to double her money every couple of years. It's incredible.

GLENN: Now, she did it again with that $5 million in computer chips, before Congress voted on their semiconductor bill.

I don't even know why I put that last part of the sentence in, because it's completely unrelated. Because she's so good at picking stocks.

STU: She was able to predict this legislation, that affected this industry, in a major way. That's -- I mean, if you were an investor, that would be an incredible skill.

GLENN: Now, here is Nancy Pelosi. Because you say to yourself. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why did Nancy Pelosi go against the Pentagon, go against the president?

What is the driving, behind Nancy Pelosi's just great desire to go to Taiwan? Well, she said. Here it is, listen.

NANCY: When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach, if I dug a hole deep enough, we could reach China. So we've always felt a connection there.

STU: What!

GLENN: You don't --

STU: What the -- what is she?

GLENN: What is your connection to Taiwan? Why do you find it so -- why do you have such a deep connection, that you had to go to Taiwan?

STU: Because she was at the beach as a kid.

GLENN: As a little girl. And she was told, if I could dig my way -- if I dig long enough, I will go to China. And I've always had that connection. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

STU: Oh, my --

GLENN: Now, if you question that, you're such a cynic. Such a cynic. It has -- what are you going to say? It had something to do with the stock trading at the companies that make computer chips. You know, because Taiwan is the largest source for computer chips.

Nancy, sure, she was working on the semiconductor bill, when they bought all of that.

And it has nothing to do with the largest semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC being in Taiwan.

I mean, she went there, to show support. American support, for the country and the people of Taiwan. She didn't take her time out to meet with TSMC officials. She wouldn't be anywhere near Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers. Right?

Oh, gosh. Oh, just up on the screen. It just came up. Wow, what a horrible. That's bad timing. Washington Post. Pelosi to meet with Taiwan's biggest semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC. Well, I mean, stop being such a cynic, okay? So she had a sitdown. You know, one on one.

Mano a mano. You know, maybe with her son. I don't know. You know, they met with the TSMC boss.

But she doesn't own any TSMC stock. She doesn't. So she's not -- well, okay.

She does have, quote, a significant stake in the asset management firm, which is Alliance Bernstein.

Alliance owns 1.46 million shares of TSMC. But she's only making money if Alliance makes money. Not if TM -- TSMC makes money.

I mean, she doesn't care if they make money or don't make money. She's only got $1.46 million shares in the company, that is the asset management firm.

So, I mean, it's like, I don't have any Tesla stock. I only make money, when Elon Musk makes money. What?

Why would I -- I don't have a single share in Tesla, okay?

What is wrong with you? This is what is happening in our government. And Mitch McConnell is not free of connections in China.

These are the people, that are in charge. This is why they don't retire. This is why they don't go away. This is why, their families, their sons, go on trips with them. No. He was just being there as an escort for mommy. That's it. We cuddled. We colored on the plane. You know, and I'm sorry. We didn't colored. We -- we -- we -- is that word okay to say?

STU: I think they read SkyMall magazine quite a bit. There was a lot of orders from SkyMall. They have those pillows that cover your whole face.

GLENN: Wait a minute. The pillow that covers your face. Oh, is that the one that he was holding down over mom's face?

STU: That's a different pillow.

GLENN: Okay. So, anyway, he went, and he met with people. He went separately, on his own business deals. What is his business? Who is he meeting with?

That's exactly like Hunter without the cocaine, the crack, or the hookers. And I can't say that he didn't have cocaine, crack, or hookers. I just know that he met with businesspeople. This is what they do.

And no one is even willing. That will be the last question. That will be the last question to Nancy Pelosi on this. Oh, she said no. He wasn't doing anything.

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