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Why Glenn has never been THIS TERRIFIED for America before

America is in a very dangerous place. The far-left is doing everything it can to create the ‘extremists’ it can't seem to organically find, and many on the right have had enough. That’s why Glenn has never been THIS terrified for America before. So while we DO need a plan of action to save the country, Glenn says, that plan must adhere 100 percent to the Constitution. If we abandon it, lash out in anger, or give the far-left any reason to brand us as dangerous, we will lose, he explains. We are so close to November. Don't give the crazies what they want.

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GLENN: I have never been more frightened for my country than I am right now. We have 350 million people. Some of them are bat crap crazy 24 hours a day no matter who is the president.

Somebody's going to do something stupid. And the people that I would like to see behind bars. Those who are intentionally trying to distort, dismantle, and destroy our Republic and the Constitution. They will use any and every opportunity they have. To push people in a certain direction, cast them in a certain light, we-we-we, I think we're in exactly the same place we were in the revolutionary war a sane person would look at this and say there is no way to win. Because there isn't any way to win unless we remember who we are and rise above it and that doesn't mean that we embrace communists. How long have I been t--- I'm the guy who educated America about what progressivism is.

Do you think I feel like we can just hug each other and hug each other out? No.

This is going to be one or the other. You're going to have an authoritarian state that tells everybody exactly what to do, what you can buy, you will be a surf or we're going to have a new chapter of freedom, getting to either one of these is going to be ugly. We must try absolutely everything we can. And November is the best way to do it. But I'm telling you I told these people in Washington. Mitch McConnell's walking around going We're just going to tell people that we're better than the Democrats.

That's not good enough! That's not good enough! We need a plan of action to save the country.

Now those are the people I want to vote for. I don't know if I can trust any of them. Experience would tell me fat freaking chance.

But I urge everyone to do this first. I urge you to call your senator and your congressman and say stop it. Inforce the Constitution and demand Constitutional rule. What's happening is not in the Constitution. I know the Constitution is a great document. No, it's not. It is the greatest governmental document ever produced. Our constitution has lasted over 200 years. The average Constitution in the world has lasted seventeen.

There is something different and special about this. Now, what's falling apart is we're at each other's throats. Why are we at each other's throats? Not because the average person disagrees with each other! The average per-- we were all on the same page with George Floyd! All of us. We all saw that and went whoa that has got to stop. That is wrong. And the system worked and put him in jail. Others distorted. And put a fun house mirror in front of us. And then started whispering you know they're really against you.

We were in lockstep. The problem is, as Lincoln said, we have people on the inside and between the media, social media, and even this damn program. We don't see that our neighbor, the one that we're with in our community, doesn't agree with the crazies in New York-- in-in-- Washington DC.

And so we just start to believe that everybody is like that. I'm telling you there is 10 to 20 percent and I think that's maximum that our hardcore destroy the country The rest of us may not agree with each other but we like America. We might disagree on how much of a problem America has been in the past. We'll argue on taxes and the best way to take care of each other.

But we don't want to destroy the nation.

There are those that do. The first thing we must do is separate between the two. When you start saying get em. Get who? Who? Which ones? My neighbor? The antifa people? Who? I'm sorry if I am out of step with you.

But when I started this job the week of September 11th I promised him I would do my best to find the answers to share them with you. And stand up for what I truly believed he would have me do. Every mistake I've ever made is because I thought I got it. Oh, I got it. I got it. Now, I got it.

All we can do is the best we can do right now and the best thing that you can do is as the crowd gets louder Do not scream for more blood. As the crowd gets louder. We must become more quiet and humble. But in the way of Jesus he turned stop thinking of Jesus Christ only as a lamb. He was also a lion. But he was a lion that roared against injustice.

Just because you want to be reasoned quiet Christ like does not mean that you do not turn over tables the tables here have to be turned over. The money changers have got to be chased out of our republic's temple in Washington DC and I am all for that but not- not any other way than constitutionally.

If this country falls if there is no-if-if-if-there is no constitution if all of a sudden we're taken over by communist space pigs and they're like here's a new communist space pig propaganda piece and you gotta live this way. I and my family will live under the principles of the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and The Holy Scriptures. That is now and forever will be how I manage my house.

The rest of the world be damned. It will be preserved by me.

And I pray that there are millions of Americans that feel the same.

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