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The Bidas Touch: Everything Joe Biden Touches Turns to Crap

CLAY: I am back to 100% having vanquished Omicron. I am ready to fire away in support of truth and justice, and I know Buck Sexton is as well. This is the worst week, I believe, that we have maybe seen from a president in most of our lifetimes. Think about how bad this week has been for Joe Biden and — as a result — also why he is in such incredibly awful positions.

It’s early in Friday so there may be something else awful that can happen to Joe Biden before the week is out. But just think about what we have seen so far as the week as played out. And, by the way, before we get going into analyzing this, Afghanistan, I agree, was an awful week for Joe Biden. But it was primarily a failure in one specific area.

It wasn’t everything he was trying to do falling down on him in every different direction simultaneously. It’s no coincidence that Joe Biden’s approval ratings turned negative for the first time after Afghanistan and have continued to go down since. But Afghanistan was one significant failure. We’ve got multiple different levels of failure going on here this week. First of all, inflation hit a 39-year high at 7%.

Covid hospitalizations and cases hit an all-time high this week every single day they’ve continued to build. His own party rejected his demands to pass a voting bill and to change the filibuster, and the Supreme Court struck down his vaccine mandate by a 6-3 vote while we also got his lowest-ever approval rating at 33%. Buck, the question that I think should be being asked at this point…

That’s the worst week that I can remember any president having on that many different fronts simultaneously. And again, we’re not even considering the continued disaster of schools not letting kids come to class. We’re not talking about the border being a mess. There are lots of things. The supply chain issues, bare shelves, all those things. Buck, I think you have to start to ask legitimate questions.

We know that Biden’s mental faculties are not strong. But are the people who are advising Joe Biden actually doing an even more awful job than he is? And, by the way, I didn’t even mention how bad Kamala Harris was in yet another interview that she tried to do. But, Buck, what are they thinking? On Tuesday, they went down to Atlanta.

He called everyone who didn’t support his voting rights bill Jefferson Davis and George Wallace and then his own party, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, two Democrats, said, “No, thank you,” to changing the filibuster. They knew this was gonna happen. How have they managed to create such a cluster with Joe Biden this week?

BUCK: I think you’re seeing the collision of two major components of the Biden regime right now. You’re seeing two areas of systemic failure for what this regime, what the apparatus of Joe Biden has been built on. One of them is the collapse of the promise, and by that I mean — we’ve talked about this many times, Clay — Joe Biden managed to be elected in the historical, fluke, once-in-a-century pandemic year with all of the media creating as much fear, panic, and blame for Trump as possible.

BLM rampaging through cities across America, corporate America terrified, bending the knee everywhere. All those things that were happening, Joe Biden was the guy who shows up and says, “Hey, I’ll bring back unity and normalcy,” right? They had to hide him in the basement for that case to be made as we know, but that was what the apparatus was able to do.

We have seen through every major action he’s taken but most notably this week in that speech in Georgia that that’s just a lie, that he has no interest in uniting, that in fact he uses terms like “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” as a pejorative specifically to otherize what he views as his political opponents. Somehow the unvaccinated always — in the minds of the left, Clay — is white Trump voters.

It’s not still the considerable number of minorities in urban areas of the country who have chosen not to get vaccinated. They’re not part of the disparaging of the unvaccinated, right? They’re not part of that terminology. When Biden says, “It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated are being unpatriotic,” he means Trump voters. That’s become a proxy for that.

The other level where you see collapse is the results. Right? Look at the decisions that have made: The decision to spend the $1.9 trillion earlier this year; the decision to make an enormous, $5 trillion or $6 trillion — depending on however it’s assessed — transformational spending package. When you’re at a 50-50 Senate and a handful of seat advantage in the House of Representatives, in what universe is Joe Biden supposed to be transformative? That’s one part of it. The other part of it is everything… I think you mentioned the reverse Midas touch, right?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Joe Biden has the reverse Midas touch, and we’re seeing everything turn to lead. If it wasn’t gold before, it’s gotten worse.

CLAY: The Bidas touch. Everything that Joe Biden touches turns to crap, and I try to think all the time in terms of… Maybe the lawyer in me, Buck. You have to think as if sometimes you have the losing hand. Every lawyer out there who’s listening to us right now, everybody who’s been involved in court cases, you’re supposed to defend to the best ability that you can, to advocate for your client.

And sometimes your client doesn’t have very good arguments, but you still have an obligation to do them to the best of your ability. If I step back right now and I try to make an argument for what Joe Biden in his first year has done well as an advocate, right? You come to me and say, “Clay, I’ll pay you a thousand dollars an hour — you’re an attorney — make the case phone number Joe Biden in a court of law right now that he’s done a great job in the first year.”

It’s almost impossible for me even to come up with an argument, Buck. You can maybe argue that infrastructure got passed, although I don’t know what the significance of the infrastructure bill was in general. You can’t argue anything positive about covid right now because cases are at all-time high. I guess you can argue but for the amazing effort of the Biden administration to get the vaccines out, millions of more people would be dead. But I don’t think most people buy that, right? That’s not an argument that has a sound, logical, scientific basis. Maybe you can argue that China hasn’t invaded Taiwan and that so far Russia hasn’t invaded Ukraine, but it’s almost impossible.

BUCK: I would add into that because of the approach of the Biden apparatus and the way that they’ve allowed Fauci to just go around haranguing everybody who doesn’t agree — to essentially oppress everyone, be wrong all the time — and then say, you know, “Shut up, peasants! I’m Lord Fauci.” The issue has not been access to vaccines. Anyone who wants to get a vaccine, at this point, if they know how to get to the grocery store and get food for themselves, they can get a vaccination.

Okay. No one really thinks that vaccine lack of access is what is driving this. It’s people who either have made the affirmative decision from early on they don’t want to take it, which is a position that I understand why they make that case or how they make that case. But beyond that, the Biden presidency has destroyed the U.S. for a lot of people in all this. So while they can say, “Oh, we have all these shots everywhere for everybody, that’s not really the problem.

The problem isn’t that they don’t have enough shots. The problem is that they don’t trust Joe Biden, and they don’t trust what’s been done in the name of the regime by the CDC and the rest of them. And when we see what’s going on right now with their refusal to just speak openly about the fact that stopping the spread was a massive failure, of course people are going to have questions. They’re right to have questions about how much they can trust people like Fauci, ’cause they keep lying to them.

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