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New Song, Same Dedication to Rush’s Audience

CLAY: Welcome back in Clay Travis, Buck Sexton show.

(My Own Worst Enemy)

CLAY: Appreciate all of you hanging out with us as you hear that song playing in the background, My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, a nineties staple, it is going to become the new theme music that you hear at the beginning of the first, second, and third hour of the program. We mentioned this yesterday as the song that Rush had used for a long time is now expiring. And so we’re not going to be able to use that.

We walked through with all of you the storyline of why exactly that was, and we went a long way down the line to find a band and a song that we knew supported and reflected your own values. So thanks to Lit for allowing us to work My Own Worst Enemy into the rotation on this show, and I wanted to read a couple of VIPs here, Buck, that wrote in — and obviously a lot of you have a lot of different opinions on this issue.

Kendra said, “I admit I teared up as you guys were talking about how you thoughtfully chose the music and Buck’s perfect analogy of retiring the jersey, because while I’m sad to see the end of the beloved melody that brings back so many great memories of Rush, I’m thankful for you guys and how you’re continuing Rush’s mission and bringing sanity to an insane world. What a gift to all of us who miss Rush to pick music by musicians who listen to Rush like we did. So cool.

“You guys are a true class act, and you are doing Rush proud. That’s for sure,” and, Buck, we also got an email from another VIP, Miguel, who is a UPS driver. He’s worked at UPS he said since 1984, started listening to Rush on his portable radio that he still uses with C batteries and still does deliveries. And he said, “I want to let you guys know I’m stoked you picked Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy as your new intro. Great pick! I sang that song in a nineties tribute band I was in for four years.

“My nephew formed the band in 2014 and named it The Clinton Administration for our love of nineties alternative rock. Ironically, all five members are hard-core conservatives. Many of our shows started that that iconic tune.” He said, “Congrats on the great show,” and he just joined the Clay and Buck 24/7 membership club. He encourages listeners to support as well. Thanks to Miguel Ortega for sharing that story.

BUCK: Let me say, Clay, as someone who listened to Rush stretching all the way back to when I was in high school and was a guest host for Rush for many years on his program, two things that I’m absolutely certain of. He would want us to follow through on: Serve his audience, try to save the country. That’s what we’re focused on every day. That’s what we’re trying to do. If Rush, if we could have him from heaven now speak to all of us, he would say, “Serve my audience, guys, help save the country.” So, you know, music, yes, I get it. We’re on the mission, and that’s what we’re doing.

CLAY: And we wanted to be straightforward with you guys again about the rights expiring in the wake of Rush’s death, and we used it for a year, and we don’t have those rights anymore. So, starting Monday, we’ll be opening the show with the new theme music. If you’re curious about some of the details behind it, you can go to It’s posted at the top of the website. We’ll lay out what we said yesterday on the show, and also give you guys an idea of some of the behind the scenes and background stories as to how we picked the song that we did, which I believe you guys are going to grow to love as well.

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