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Outrageous! D.C., New Orleans Mandate Covid Shots for Public School Kids

CLAY: Buck, I don’t know if you have seen this data. I think you have. I think you were tweeting about it recently too. I saw it, and I was furious about it. We fought as hard as we can for kids not to have to wear masks in schools, for schools to just be open, for kids to be able to play sports, all of those things. You listen to the shows; you know that we’ve been on the front lines of that. In fact, it’s been about a year.

We need to go track down the audio and play it again of how controversial it was, Buck, when I spoke at my local school board about the fact that masks were totally unnecessary, and everything that I said has been proven true even though people were furious. “How dare you go and speak out at your local public school board,” and remember Merrick Garland, of course, labeled those school board parents domestic terrorists and decided they were gonna investigate parents who said things they didn’t like.

I was flabbergasted, stunned beyond belief when I saw this story. Washington, D.C., Buck, is requiring the covid shot for kids that are 12 or older in order to go to public school. The city of New Orleans is even more stringent, maybe the most stringent policy in the country right now. I have no idea how it happens in a red state like Louisiana. I don’t know. I believe they’ve got a Democrat governor. But how in the world are the senators and the governors in Louisiana allowing New Orleans to do this, Buck?

They’re requiring covid shots for all kids ages 5 and up to be able to attend school in New Orleans, public school this fall, and I’m sure schools are going back soon in New Orleans because kids go back — my kids are already back — earlier in the than other places in the country. Buck, only 52% of kids have the requisite covid shots in New Orleans, around a similar number in Washington, D.C.

Overwhelmingly, this means that these policies are going to keep minority kids, by and large, who have lower levels of covid shot rate, from being able to actually go to school. How is this not one of the top stories in the entire country? How are most of our listeners out there, who aren’t in Washington, D.C. or New Orleans, hearing about this for the first time I bet just now on this program?

BUCK: Because Democrat media knows going into an election that this is not a place where they win with independents. This is not a place where… They don’t want to have this fight right now. They want the blue localities to take these actions. But they don’t want people to know about it. It’s a bit similar with the border. You will not see between now and Election Day coverage of what is going on at the border.

How many people knew that the DHS officially ended Remain in Mexico in the last week? Didn’t get much media coverage at all, right? They don’t want to talk about these things because we’re getting into the phase here where people’s perception translates into votes, and so there’s gonna be a lot of manipulation and a lot of refusal to cover topics that are not positive for Democrat political purposes, that aren’t gonna help them fool enough people into thinking the Democrat Party is not own open-borders party, is not still a vaccine-mandate party. The fact that they mandate these vaccines for children… You know, Denmark, just as we’ve discussed, said that they’re not giving the shot to anyone under 18 anymore.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: And we’re making kids get this shot. It is crazy, but it’s about compliance, and also think there are a lot of really emotionally unwell Democrats on the issue of covid. And I mean, there are millions and millions of people who… The same way that Trump broke people politically, covid broke people emotionally, medically; turned them into hypochondriacs, incapable of reasoning, incapable of thinking through these complicated issues and policies and procedures.

And for them I think the idea is, “We gotta keep this going as long as we can or else we have to face up to what we’ve already done.” If they make kids get the shot for the next year, the next two years, they’ll say, “Oh, the virus has morphed away from being dangerous so I guess now we can…” If they stop now, everyone gets to say, “Well, hold on a second. Why did we have to get the shots a year ago for kids? Explain that one.”

CLAY: Yeah. And I hope, Buck, first of all, if you’re a Republican and you’re listening to us right now and you are in New Orleans — congressperson, senator — how in the world are you not having press conferences about this insanity going on in New Orleans? And if you are a Republican in Congress, given the oversight that Congress has over much of what occurs in Washington, D.C., how are you not beating the drum over this insanity of the covid mandate going on for kids 12 plus in our nation’s capital? That is outrageous.

BUCK: I worry. I think even a lot of people who are center-right are just saying, “Ugh. I don’t want to… Covid, let’s forget about it let’s not talk anymore.”

CLAY: Yeah. I know.

BUCK: There has been no accountability for the people who got everything wrong, okay? This is the way our election cycles work. The morons who shut down your business, who closed your church, who mask up your kids, who masked you up on planes, they are Democrats, and they have gotten away with it up to this point. So we can either let people think, “Oh, this fight is over; let’s not worry about it,” or mobilize and slap it down, ’cause they’re not done. As you’re pointing out, it’s not over.

CLAY: Yeah, and I think this is reason enough to go out and vote in November so that you can get Rand Paul sitting across from Dr. Fauci, because Republicans have control of the Senate. So you can get Kevin McCarthy — and we had Congressman Jim Jordan on yesterday — so that they can hold Dr. Fauci accountable in the House as well. We need these guys grilled. We need them held responsible. We need them to pay the piper for what they did to our country, to our kids, and to everyone out there. And the only way you can do it is by voting red in November and absolutely ensuring a monster landslide.

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