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DOCTOR Jill Biden Gets Covid (And the Real Story of Lemmings)

CLAY: Jill Biden, “Dr. Jill Biden,” as all the left-wingers would have you say, has gotten four covid shots, and she now has tested positive for covid as well. She’s trying to kill our grandmas, Buck.

BUCK: I have to remind everybody that for about the first 18 months of covid there was this really despicable game that thereby media played where if you were opposed to masking, eventually opposed to vaccine mandates when those came out, but opposed to lockdowns, and you got covid, it was always, “What did you do? You know, maybe if you took the virus” — this is why we say things, if you follow Clay and me on Twitter, will say things like, should have taken the virus more seriously.

Because they made it, to serve their political purposes, they made getting covid a moral failing and one that was subjective, meaning, when libs got covid, it was, “They did everything possible.” But when anyone else got covid, especially if you were vocal about opposing this stuff, it was, “See? That’s what you get for not taking the virus seriously.”

CLAY: That’s a hundred percent right.

BUCK: People ask me, not even trying to be mean, they’d say, you know, I had it twice, you had it twice, say, “Where’d you get it?” As if it’s like a flat-screen TV that I picked up yesterday. Like, I don’t know where I got it.

CLAY: The number of people that are continue — I think Lloyd Austin, the defense secretary, I think they announced yesterday he’s had four shots and now he’s had covid a couple of times. The number of people that have gotten four shots and are testing positive for covid is continuing to grow at such a rate — we talked about it yesterday, the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, I believe, tested positive. Did you go through and read some more of those comments, Buck?

BUCK: (imitation) He prefers the pronunciation Bourla. You have to roll the R.

CLAY: — one of my favorite —

BUCK: There are four condoms but my wife got pregnant anyway. I’m so glad I used the four condoms, is one of the funniest internet comments I’ve seen in a very long time.

CLAY: I just love the fact that they have stopped protecting Moderna and Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson and the covid shot because for a long time you couldn’t ridicule them. And what I saw beneath the Bourla is the masses are waking up.

There’s a lot of sheep that have been running off the side of a hill — a lot of lemmings, I should say, I guess — that are suddenly saying, hey, maybe running off the side of this hill just ’cause everybody’s doing it is not the smart play.

BUCK: You know the lemming thing is not true? The lemming thing is made up. Lemmings do not run off a cliff to their death. Maybe I’ll get more into — this is very — this is very interesting, actually.

CLAY: We’ve slandered lemmings for no reason?

BUCK: We’ve been slandering lemmings for no reason. Lemmings do not —

CLAY: For generations.

BUCK: — do not jump off cliffs. They are actually little furry animals that like to stay alive just like all others. And it goes back to a 1958 Disney video, Clay, that won an Oscar for best documentary where the lemmings were jumping in the water. It’s all staged, man. Kind of like the Mar-a-Lago raid.

CLAY: No! I can’t believe it.

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