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US Embassy Urges Americans To Flee Russia Immediately

Russians Cross The Border Into Georgia To Escape Military Service

Photo: Getty Images

U.S. Embassy officials are telling Americans in Russia to flee the country immediately -- unless they want to drafted into the Russian military.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow says Russian President Vladimir Putin may refuse to acknowledge people's U.S. citizenship and declare them eligible to fight in the military.

"Russia may refuse to acknowledge dual nationals’ U.S. citizenship, deny their access to U.S. consular assistance, prevent their departure from Russia, and conscript dual nationals for military service," the statement reads. Those residing or traveling in Russia should depart Russia immediately while limited commercial travel options remain."

The advice comes a week after Putin announced his intention to "mobilize" Russia's armed forces, prompting some 261,000 draft-eligible residents to leave the country.

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